“... A pianist full of passion and exciting technically capable of reaching the top of expressiveness beyond any possibleexpectation
(David W Moore - American Record Guide)

“..A poet of the Piano between the Waltzes of Chopin.”
(Bernardino Zappa – L’Eco di Bergamo”- Italy)

“...Commenting on the performance of the Concerto for piano and orchestra op.37 by Ludwig Van Beethoven...the sound of thepiano was remarkable. It was a success. Especially the Italian pianist Achille Gallo, an artist that music critics described as a"piano poet". The show was unmistakable, the deep and warm interpretation of the Italian pianist, far from any exhibitionisticaspect found the right combination in the musical intentions of the conductor Rengim Gokmen and the Istanbul StateSymphony Orchestra."
(Selmi Andak - Cumhuriyet Gazette - Istanbul)

"... A great between the great pianist of the 21st century. Achille Gallo has come to an interpretative dimension of Chopin'smusic that comes close to the maximum expression of musical beauty showing an extraordinary synthesis of piano virtuosityand creative intelligence".
(Daniel Ponce, Musicologist - Argentine)

“His piano playing remember me the great pianist Dinu Lipatti” - Eduard Flipse Int.Piano Competition-Rotterdam 1994.
(Dragos Tanasescu, musicologist-critic, author of the biographical book “Dinu Lipatti, remembered”)

Chopin, a composer particularly close to him who had the piano as only and intimate confidant. Achille Gallo interpreted the Chopin's works with deep emotion, uniformity of touch, great articulation skills and a remarkable use of the pedal ... in the"Mazurkas", linked to folkloric themes, he was able to capture the most picturesque moments by performing them "ConAnima" Rachmaninoff's Preludes Gallo was able to emphasize the warm and passionate colors, as well as the harmonicexceptions and melodic dynamism. A wonderful performance that involve emotionally.
(Alberto Cima - Daily News Paper “La Provincia di Como”)

"... Gallo is an exemplary, fabulous musician..."
(Miguel Ferrer - Daily News Paper “El Levance Valenciano”)

“...The colorful music of Skriabin was rendered by Achille Gallo in an exalting way with a perfect performance of the Sonatan.5 op. 53 ... Beautiful contrasts combined with spectacular virtuosity in the "Allegro con Brio" of Beethoven's "Waldstein"sonata followed by an immaterial and intimate Adagio ... A great recital!"
(Ger Van der Tang - Dordrecht Journal, Netherland)

"... the Paduan pianist has dominated the compositional width of the page alternating moments of pure singing ... revealingwith full character the intense Brahmsian anxieties ... Always persuasive his piano touch..."
(Eva Purelli – Daily News Paper “Il Giornale di Vicenza”)

“...Nice performance!"
(Nicola Sfredda – Daily News Paper “L’Adige”)

"... Gallo has shown that he has already reached a considerable technical maturity ... In Beethoven's sonata op.2 n ° 3 he stood out for his plastic phrasing and the ability to highlight the brilliant dynamic contrasts that characterize a work of great formal commitment ... In Schumann's "Infantile Scenes" op.15, Gallo evoked a precious and refined sound world, capable of revealing that intimate and private poetry that animates each different piece of the collection ... The "Arabeske" op.18completed the happy parenthesis Schumannian... brilliant and intense virtuosity in Rachmaninoff”. (Mario Merigo – Daily News Paper “Il Gazzettino di Venezia”)

"... Gallo is a pianist capable to follow the sing, to supporting it, of phrasing in pianissimo with a soft touch ... he is a musician of great piano school capable of distinguishing himself also in the chamber repertory ..."
("Michele Borsatti - Daily News Paper “La Nuova Ferrara")