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International Piano Competition "Merci, Maestro!" 2020

M° ACHILLE GALLO jury member at "Mercì Maestro" IPC April 23th -24th, 2020: elimination rounds
April 25th, 2020: final rounds
April 26th, 2020: Gala concert at the Brussels Town Hall (Grand Place).
Inscription is open till 25.02.2020!
Nataliya Chepurenko
Artistic director

Encore Peninsula Concerts Piano Fest 2019

Achille Gallo in concerts at Piano Fest 2019 in Vancouver (British Columbia)

"The Valzers of F.Chopin"

Encore Peninsula Concerts Piano Fest 2019

Achille Gallo recital in Whiterock City (BC) on 28th April

Encore Peninsula Concerts Piano Fest 2019

Achille Gallo recital in Richmond City (BC) on 27th April

Encore Peninsula Concerts is back in the new year – Piano Fest 2019

British Columbia Local News

Frank Bridge (Musica da camera - Chambers Works)

“…The Trio Chopin has already to his credit an interesting career in the context of which the rediscovery of songs oldfashioned has great importance ... to impress favorably and especially the dough timbre,the perfect uniformity which also exudes reflections ever changing and new. The Trio is very clever in knowing how to capture the atmosphere sound more suitable, on the basis of which develop a versatility of inflections that, with a minimum deflection of the arc or phrasing, create worlds sound entirely new. In other words this is a CD that has the best a repertoire whose beauty makes it all the more enigmatic oblivion in which has fallen”.

Alessandro Zignani – CD Classica Music Magazine

Trio Chopin (Musica da camera - Chambers Works)

Of the three instrumentalists of the Trio Chopin,the pianist Achille Gallo,the violinist Enzo Ligresti and cellist Bruno Ispiola we had already in the same house a disc dedicated to the music of Frank Bridge,edition that obviously arose at first sight in the area precious in analytical record of the twentieth century ... valuable is also the program of this compact that brings together all the chamber music by Chopin. Very good reading of the three instrumentalists stretched to prettify the value brilliant,virtuoso of some pages...this is a disc to consider editorially and valuable interpretative yield”.

Riccardo Risaliti – CD Classica Music Magazine

Tiziano Bedetti: Poesia e mitologia (Musica da camera)

“…Wonderful the Italian pianist Achille Gallo on this recording of the composer Tiziano Bedetti…”- Quadrivium Revue

Alessandro Molinari: Anno Domini 2012 (World Premiere Recording)

Nel booklet del cd il testo introduttivo è scritto da Carlo Lucarelli che dice: "E’ come per il nero: sembra un colore così semplice, tutto uguale, sempre quello, preciso, suggestivo, efficace. E invece a guardarlo bene è ricco di sfumature, di luci e di ombre, e ad usarlo male è un disastro. Così è il mistero. Pieno di emozioni diverse, anche contrastanti, di effetti, di ingredienti da dosare col bilancino. Dare un suono al mistero, dargli una voce, dargli una musica, è una sfida mortale. Perché dentro c’è l’inquietudine ma anche la malinconia, c’è la paura ma anche la rabbia, ci sono la verità, la menzogna, il gioco, il fascino, la serietà della vita e l’ironia della morte. Ci vuole un brivido, ma anche un sorriso. Ecco, questa sfida Alessandro l’ha vinta. Me ne sono accorto la prima volta che ho sentito le sue note suonare i misteri che stavo raccontando. Una musica intensa, che ti resta un po’ nella mente e un po’ nel cuore. Come soltanto il mistero sa fare".


This extraordinary CD is the result of the meeting of one of the largest and best symphony orchestras in the world (Czech National Symphony Orchestra), two extraordinary soloists of world stature (Barbara Agostinelli to violin and Achille Gallo at the piano), the original music specially written for this disc ( "soundtrack for a movie that there is still no") by Alessandro Molinari, one of the most quoted authors of music by Italian films, the great filming technique of sound made with the best technologies available today, respectively by Marco Lincetto and Goffredo Gibellini. Divided into two parts, the first dedicated to millenarian suite for violin, piano and orchestra Anno Domini 2012 and the second in a series of pieces written for the violin duo and piano, but always in style evocative and highly descriptive of the author, this disk is proposes to break through an additional rubber wall: one of those who would like divide the music for "Genres" and "fields" ... The powerful melodies, the immanence of the sound of a mighty section six horns, refers more to John Williams that Morricone: but always at the absolute top artistic and sound we find in queue the suite for only violin and piano, formed by the themes conductors of the famous RAI Radio 3 "Blu Notte". In booklet the presentation text is written by Carlo Lucarelli.


Il Cinema in Musica (Legendary Soundtracks Compilation)

A piano and a violin, Howard Shore, John Williams, Ennio Morricone, James Horner, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt and John Morris, thirty years of great music for film and two excellent performers with new arrangements of famous film scores: this is the perfect CD titled and highly significant, "The Cinema in Music" with the Devil'Duo, Enzo Ligresti ,violin and Achille Gallo,piano. Touched by both musicians, with an important career behind them, it is light and strong at the same time, sometimes at the tip of foil, attention to detail executive, refined and poetic, vivid and lush when the leitmotiv require it in their fundamental essence. Most of the arrangements are taken care of by Achille Gallo (except some original or the work of other authors) and while they respect the original source pentagram they are able to breathe new life to songs sound very well known (see one of the most beautiful pieces ever written by Williams " Adventure on Earth "by Spielberg's ET the Extra-Terrestrial, 1982). Ever since the early songs from The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring 2001, the theme of the Hobbits to Shore ("Concerning Hobbits") and the song of Enya ("May It Be"), it denotes what is the way undertaken by the two esteemed interpreters of the album in question: a heartfelt performance, felt, on the edge of the wool, in full compliance with the compositional depth of composers performed from time to time and certainly "loved with great passion." The two musicians are so in tune with each other that we forget after a while 'from listening that they are only two, they appear as an orchestra with that intimate sound, clean, emphasized and sumptuous at the same time, with turns of arrangement that are almost imperceptible but to an attentive ear seem like drops in the ocean of heady inventiveness. An album in which you are immersed caressingly, from passionate moments (the poignant theme of Schindler's List of Williams in 1993 that destroys the soul with each listen), devilishly effervescent ("Devil's Dance" from The Witches of Eastwick 1987 of the undisputed genius of Williams), goticamente and grotesquely painful ("Transylvanian Lullaby"'s never quite celebrated John Morris from the crazy and amazing Young Frankenstein Mel Brooks, 1974), pugnacious and picaresque and epic-spatial ("He's a Pirate" by Badelt and Zimmer from the first Pirates of the Caribbean 2003 & the "Main Theme" of Williams from the legendary Star Wars, 1977), fable (the other two immense cine-music pearls, the '"Hedwig's Theme" from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 2001 and "Flight to Neverland" from Hook of 1991 both of Williams), nostalgically romantic (Nuovo Cinema Paradiso 1988, another genius of music for film, Morricone) and pastoral ("Main Theme" from Horner's Braveheart 1995). A great CD to listen to possess themes from movies, but mostly reliving under a different sound as ... precious!
Massimo Privitera (Milano) – (member of the International Film Music Critics Association)


Osvaldo Coluccino (Chamber Music) Strings and piano quartets (World Premiere Recordings)

“…Eco immobile (Motionless echo) for piano quartet: «The paradox of the title is a goad to our perception. This is an echo that denies its defining features, that it moves, namely it prolongs, duplicates, disperses... A monolithic hermeticism, amazing sounds – fragments and harmony in the corridor of an abandoned villa, lost in the cold. “Air of other planets”, in the best sense, almost a mystical experience of listening...” Curt Cuisine, Osvaldo Coluccino, “String Quartets” - “Skug magazine for Music”, Vienna (Austria), July 27, 2012

“At a short distance from each other, two CDs were released in Italy by prestigious German labels, dedicated to Osvaldo Coluccino (1963)… The evoked poetic worlds are placed under the sign of a vision full of questions and suspended awesomeness of arcane magic, of waitings, vision far from predictable paths. With drained writing, as if it pursues the essence of the sound, Coluccino defines sound objects in the silence, in a rarefied space, static and mysterious space in which the movement of everyday life is suspended. In the CD performed by the String Quartet of La Fenice Theater, each piece has different paths, different ways to live a suspended time, to live the emptiness and silences, a tension to the absolute. Listening to the impeccable performances the texts by the composer accompany us.”

Paolo Petazzi, Coluccino, “String Quartets” in “Classic Voice” (Italy), n. 161, October 2012
“The front cover promises the 'String Quartets' of Italian composer Osvaldo Coluccino, but in fact only two of the four works live up to the bill, the remaining two being a Piano Quartet and a Duo for violin and cello. On the other hand, none of these works really bears any resemblance to more traditional forms - Coluccino is a post-modernist…These are premiere recordings, and kudos to the string quartet of 'La Fenice' for having the spirit - and the skill - to tackle these tricky pieces…”

Musicweb International – Review by Byzantion